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Welcome to Aurora Powerwashing! We are veteran owned and our talented team works hard across the MatSu Valley every day to provide the best power washing services for our clients. We customize our offerings based on specific needs, so get in touch today to receive an initial quote.

We specialize in providing top quality external cleaning services for residential homes such as structure, roofs, driveways and moss removal.

We strive to provide the most comprehensive and professional services for our commercial clients including external cleaning, windows, and parking lots.

APs flexible and adaptive staff is available to clean your fleet vehicles, food trucks, and mobile businesses.

If you have trucks, cars, boats, or even airplanes in need of a wash then we can help! 

We offer onsite cleaning services for heavy equipment for the construction and mining industries.

Are you a Realtor looking to increase the value of the homes you offer for sale? Connect with us for contract pricing to increase the value to your clients and the face value of your properties. 

Do you need to clean up after a fire, flood, wind storm or other natural disaster? We can help with a full range of external property cleanup options.

We value the prestine Alaskan environment and offer environmentally safe cleaning solutions with no harsh chemicals, dust free, and pet friendly.

Working with Keenan has been a blessing for my home. He has been professional, on-time, and made my house look brand new again.  I definitely recommend working with Aurora Powerwashing!

Charlsea Thornton, Wasilla, AK

I hired Keenan to complete a parking lot and roof clean of my business after this winter's windstorm and he did a great job making it look presentable again to the public.  


Mark Smith, Wasilla, AK

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